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Tips On How To Live With Your Roommates As A Freelancer

A large number of freelancers have roommates and there are several reasons supporting the idea of why having roommates is a brilliant idea. Cost sharing is one of the benefits as it helps freelancers to save money since they do not spend a lot.

Since they are sharing the cost, each roommate contributes a small amount and this sums up to the amount required. This helps them to be very careful on how they spend their money. Since it is very monotonous to have to work from home, having roommates can help prevent this. Despite the many advantages associated with having roommates, this idea can risk one’s job as roommates may cause a number of distractions. They may take your car to the market causing one to fail to attend to customers’ meetings or forget to cater for internet bills here.

Learning how to deal with roommates is important for freelancers as it helps them to work more competently. A number of tips should be followed so as to accomplish this. Setting rules on how to live with roommates is important for all freelancers. It is important that all freelancers have rules on how to live peacefully with their roommates. To avoid stirring up unnecessary trouble, it is important to be clear with the roommates about their working schedule.

A peaceful working environment is vital for all freelancers and they should let their roommates know about this on the first day. Since everyone is paying rent, they are advised to avoid bossing anyone around.Freelancers should also take charge of the internet bills as they are the ones to be affected most in case the internet bill is not paid. The best thing to do however, is to live with fellow freelancers as roommates since only they will understand your situation.

Roommates should act as the adults they are and recognize that it is upon everyone to keep the house in order. If they are not doing the dishes, cleaning the apartment or keeping the room tidy, you should just move to a new place since you are not there as their parent. Living with close friends and relatives is not advisable as one may avoid telling them that they are not responsible enough when it comes to house chores as it may result to a number of issues.

It is important to know how to deal with clingy and bad roommates. Bad roommates have completely no respect towards you or anything that belongs to you and this can be very challenging. Areas where there are coworkers or coffee shops are providing great working environment as well. It is important to enlighten them on what to expect from you by talking to them. If they do not respect that, you can choose to seek help from the landlord to help you get out of the arrangement. Maintain both a physical and emotional distance in case you encounter a clingy roommate. Let them know how you feel by talking about it to them in a polite way.

living with roommates can have both positive and negative effects. Everyone should either find a better living environment or find means to deal with their roommates.

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